Success Stories

After my daughter failed her vision screening, I took her to two different doctors to further check her eyes. The See Well to Learn™ staff was incredibly supportive in helping me understand the diagnosis my daughter received and how to get the best care for her. She has vision today in both eyes because of them.
I’m so grateful to See Well to Learn™ for detecting Lyra’s eye condition. I was unaware of any visual difficulties and was even starting to think that Lyra might not be as bright as my other children. Who knows when I would’ve discovered that she could barely see out of her left eye!
My entire family would like to thank you for the work that you do. Without it, Daisy, age 5, would not have been treated for her farsightedness. She was having a difficult time learning her numbers and letters. Since Daisy has gotten her glasses, everything has changed and she is doing much better in school. Muchas gracias, amigos!
Thanks to the See Well to Learn™ program we have better involvement of the parents regarding follow-up. Your screener was awesome working with the staff, parents & children.
Jennifer Briscoe
Oakland Head Start
When you handed me the referral envelopes for the children that failed your vision screening, it clicked! These are the children that are having behavioral issues in our classroom. It’s because they can’t see well enough to participate in the educational activities!
Blanca Velasquez
Site Supervisor at Valencia Gardens Head Start, San Francisco
My son's eyesight has greatly improved because of PBNC. Without them, I am not sure when we would have found out about his condition.
Sara P
Daniela often would embrace me and put her face right against my face in an affectionate manner. I thought it was a bit odd. I had no idea that she couldn't see. Evidently, her own pediatrician had previously told her Mother that Daniela did need corrective lenses, however, he knew that she didn't have insurance. He said, "Wait a year". The lady from "See Well To Learn" told me that Daniela's prescription is one of the strongest she's ever seen for a girl her age. They sent her to a specialist in San Francisco for a full consultation. They helped her apply for Medicare so that she will be able to support Daniela's ongoing need for eye care. What an amazing service. Thank you for setting this up!
Linda Blanch
Seeing these children today at Park Preschool and hearing the stories brought tears to my eyes. I am so grateful to have this relationship with Prevent Blindness, the gift of the funding from Eden, and for Teachers like you who are so passionate about giving our HUSD students such a positive start to their formal education. What we do is truly life changing.
Tina Adams
We were so pleased to work with the See Well to Learn™ screener. She did a great job of encouraging our students to complete the vision screening process and we so appreciated her patience, thoroughness, and sense of humor.
Susan Hemberger
Director of Mother Goose Preschool, San Francisco
The amount of collaboration that went into this outreach effort was truly amazing. The services that you provide are greatly needed in my community and I can't thank you enough for making it happen. Knowing that the children who received the glasses will be entering kindergarten with a greater chance of succeeding definitely makes all the effort worth it!I can't thank you enough for reaching out, the parents are very grateful and the children will definitely benefit from your services.
Lisa Zimiga
Director at Jefferson Elementary School District, Daly City


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