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eye bus

The See Well to Learn™ Eye Bus program is the only program in Northern California to employ an innovative, school‐based approach to accurately detect vision problems among low-income preschoolers, at no cost to the students. We want to ensure that these children receive the care they need for vision correction so they can enter kindergarten ready to learn.

While the program has 6 major components, the design of the Eye Bus is a whimsical way to introduce the importance of vision care to students. Children are excited to see the Eye Bus pull up and are curious to learn more about what happens inside. While we need the community to support our vision care efforts, it’s important that the children themselves are also excited to learn about taking care of their vision.

Currently the Eye Bus program is serving students in the San Francisco and Oakland school districts and Head Starts. In the coming year, we are aiming to bring this program to other Bay Area school districts and Head Starts. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting our expansion efforts.

Step 1: Vision Screening
services 1Vision screening is performed by a certified vision screener at preschool sites, using advanced, scientifically validated screening technology.
Step 2: Certified Eye Exams

services 2Comprehensive eye exams are given for those children that fail the screening. Exams are performed onboard the Eye Bus by a licensed optometrist who is experienced at working with preschoolers on board the Eye Bus. 

Step 3: Referrals
services 3

If necessary, connections are made to pediatric ophthalmology partnerships with UCSF, Palo Alto Medical Foundation and others.

Step 4: Free Prescription Glasses
screenshot-www.seewelltolearn.org 2016-01-14 13-44-57
Free prescription glasses are provided for children who require them.
Step 5: Follow-up
screenshot-www.seewelltolearn.org 2016-01-14 13-46-15
Follow‐up vision checks are provided for children who are prescribed glasses and  are at higher risk for serious ongoing vision problems
Step 6: Ongoing Support
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Ongoing support is provided for parents and teachers on compliance and treatment. This includes events for children wearing glasses where parents can meet and support each other — while their children can see and play with other children wearing glasses – which normalizes the experience for all

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