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See Well to Learn About
A program of Prevent Blindness Northern California, See Well to Learn™ was established in 2012 to ensure that preschoolers in underserved communities have equal access to comprehensive vision care and are ready for school. Tipping Point Community provided seed funding and management assistance to launch the Eye Bus program for Bay Area preschoolers.

In addition to its Screening Services and Eye Bus, See Well to Learn™ helps parents navigate the vision healthcare system, while connecting parents in need with financial resources for eye care. See Well to Learn™ also offers support on compliance, including education on specific vision disorders and support group information for parents of children with vision problems.

See Well to Learn™ is a part of Preschool Vision Care of California, a statewide network of mobile vision programs that deliver comprehensive eye care at school sites to vulnerable preschoolers. The network also has programs in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County.

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